Frequently Asked Questions


How big can my Pergola be?
They come in a maximum size of 6 metres x 4.5 metres, albeit if you require a Pergola larger than 6 metres x 4.5 metres this is no problem, it’s a case of joining 2 or more units together, which in turn can create any size you want. For example you could have a 9 meter x 6 meter which would be made up of 2 x (6 m x 4.5 m Pergolas) joined together.
How is the maximum height my Pergola can be?
The maximum allowable height is 3 meters. However 95% of the Pergolas we fit are 2.5 meters in height.
Does the Luxe option have more extras available than the Eco option?
Yes, it has RGB mood lighting available in 20 colours and various modes depending on the vibe the occasion calls for, from disco to yoga! A rain sensor is also available to close the roof automatically in the event you accidentally leave it open and it starts raining. The Luxe also has an option for remote operated electric heating. There is also a ceiling fan option for cooling in those warm summer months. Remote operated side screens/blinds are also available with the Luxe range.
What is the difference between freestanding and wall mounted?
A free standing Pergola is independent of the structure around it, it has a minimum of 4 posts. Whereas a wall mounted structure is fixed to an existing facade, thus 2 of the posts can be removed as the Pergola is fixed to the facade on one side.
Can I have the same side options with wall mounted or free standing?
Yes, of course.
What kind of foundation footings does my Pergola need?
Each post of the Pergola has a base plate, this is how the Pergola is fixed in place. We recommend that as a minimum, each post needs a 600 x 600 x 450 deep concrete pad. On an existing patio slab, this may not be necessary, provided the slab thickness, ie. the concrete under the patio slabs is sufficiently thick to use as an anchor. In order to determine whether or not your existing slab is sufficient, you may have to speak to one of our team who would be happy to give you some advice.
Is the Roof waterproof?
The roof consists of Louvre blades, which when in closed position are fully waterproof.
Do I have to buy the Pergola with sliding glass doors, or a sidescreen?
No, of course not. But you’ll be glad to hear, you can add side options in the years following the Pergola installation, this would involve us ordering your blinds, and coming back to install them.
Do I need planning permission for my Pergola?
No you do not need planning for a Pergola as it is a temporary structure. It is not a habitable building.
Does the Pergola require a power supply?
Yes we require a normal 13 amp IP rated external socket in close proximity to the Pergola location.

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